Chapter 1 Subject Matter and Scope of Application

Chapter 2 Principles of Admission and Integration

Chapter 3 Entry and Exit

Chapter 4 Permit and Notification Requirements

Chapter 5 Admission Requirements

Chapter 6 Regulation of the Period of stay

Chapter 7 Family Reunification

Chapter 8 Integration

Chapter 9 Travel Documents and Ban on Travel

Chapter 10 End of the Period of Stay

Chapter 11 Temporary Admission

Chapter 12 Obligations

Chapter 13 Tasks and Responsibilities of the Authorities

Chapter 14 Data Processing and Data Protection

Chapter 14a Information Systems

Chapter 14b Data Protection under the Schengen Association A...

Chapter 14c Eurodac

Chapter 15 Legal Remedies

Chapter 16 Criminal Provisions and Administrative Penalties

Chapter 17 Fees

Chapter 18 Final Provisions

Transitional Provision to the Amendment of 14 December 2012

Annex 1

Annex 2