Country Strategy Evaluation: Cooperation Strategy Moldova 2014-2017

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Country Strategy Evaluation: Cooperation Strategy Moldova 2014-2017

The evaluation analyses Switzerland’s cooperation with Moldova, as defined in the Cooperation Strategy (CS) 2014-2017. The overall goal of the CS is to support Moldova in its process of transition and development, by ensuring equitable access to good quality public services and improved institutional capacities for quality public service delivery, with a special focus on the health and water sectors, as well as by enhancing the positive effects of migration and diminishing its negative impact on the country’s socio-economic development. The Swiss Cooperation program with Moldova is implemented by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Over the period 2014-2017, up to CHF 54.5 million is indicatively foreseen for program funding/ disbursement under the CS.

The evaluation corresponds to the SDC guidelines on country evaluations: “Country and Regional Strategy Evaluation: Concept” (January 2016) and “Country and Regional Strategy Evaluation: Toolkit” (June 2016). The SDC guidelines refer to the OECD evaluation standards: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. Assessments of CS are realized by means of ‘hybrid evaluations’, conducted by a mixed team consisting (for this evaluation) of one international consultant and two internal resource persons from SDC (“peers”).

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