Evaluation of SDC’s Performance in Governance Programming and Mainstreaming

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Evaluation of SDC’s Performance in Governance Programming and Mainstreaming

This evaluation assessed the effectiveness of SDC's governance programming (mainly decentralisation and local governance) and examined its governance mainstreaming approach. It was a formative evaluation aimed at utilization.
Overall, the evaluation found that: (1) spending on governance accounts for more than one-third (and as much as 60% in some bilateral programmes) of all of SDC’s expenditures; (2) SDC is producing solid governance results, and is generally doing the right things, for the right reasons, in the right ways; and, (3) particularly strong results are evident in local governance and democracy, municipal water and waste systems, disaster risk reduction, and global water policy. SDC was found to play an influential role through its long-term commitment, respectful partnerships, animation of policy dialogue, piloting of proof-of-concept initiatives, and adaptive learning. SDC’s governance mainstreaming was judged to be solid but not optimal; often innovative, but too often uneven. Gender equality approaches were also uneven. SDC could play a more catalytic role. It needs to deepen and widen its capacities at the global level and then effectively link these to its governance work at the national and local levels.

Mots-clés SDC, independent evaluation, Governance, Public Institutions, Decentralisation, Fragility, Water, Disaster Risk Reduction, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mozambique, Bolivia, Mongolia, Rwanda, West Africa, Gender
Domaine Suisse et étranger
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Mandataire E.T. Jackson and Associates, Ottawa/CANADA; Wolf Linder, Bern
Mandant DFAE - Département fédéral des affaires étrangères
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Article 170 de la Constitution fédérale relatif à l’évaluation de l’efficacité
Articolo 170 della Costituzione federale sulla verifica dell‘efficacia
Article 170 of the Swiss Federal Constitution on the evaluation of effectiveness
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