Women in the Federal Council

Name Party Canton Election Resignation
Baume-Schneider, Elisabeth Social Democratic Party Jura (JU) 07.12.2022
Amherd, Viola Die Mitte Valais (VS) 05.12.2018
Keller-Sutter, Karin Free Democratic Party St. Gall (SG) 05.12.2018
Sommaruga, Simonetta Social Democratic Party Berne (BE) 22.09.2010 31.12.2022
Widmer-Schlumpf, Eveline Conservative Democratic Party Grisons (GR) 12.12.2007 31.12.2015
Leuthard, Doris Christian Democratic Peoples Party Aargau (AG) 14.06.2006 31.12.2018
Calmy-Rey, Micheline Social Democratic Party Geneva (GE) 04.12.2002 31.12.2011
Metzler-Arnold, Ruth Christian Democratic Peoples Party Appenzel Inner Rhodes (AI) 11.03.1999 31.12.2003
Dreifuss, Ruth Social Democratic Party Geneva (GE) 10.03.1993 31.12.2002
Kopp, Elisabeth Free Democratic Party Zurich (ZH) 02.10.1984 12.01.1989

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