Who sits in the Swiss government?

The Federal Council is made up of seven members, each of which heads a government department. Decisions are made jointly. The Federal Chancellor supports the government.

Federal Council – its tasks

The Federal Council is the highest executive authority in the country. It comprises seven members, who are elected by the Federal Assembly. The Federal Council’s tasks are set out in the Federal Constitution.

Who has governed since 1848?

All the names of the over a hundred federal councillors. Their political parties, the cantons they are from, their native languages tell the story of concordance.

How does Switzerland work?

The Confederation, cantons and communes share the state power and citizens are actively involved at all levels. Many decisions are made by the Swiss People at the ballot box.

Photographs and speeches of the Federal Council

Archive of official Federal Council photos; the traditional annual excursion; speeches given by presidents to mark New Year and Swiss National Day.

Where does government business take place?

The Federal Council makes its decisions in meetings held weekly in the Federal Council meeting room.