Rudolf De Crignis: "Surface" - portfolio, exhibition, catalogue

Bern, 10.10.2006 - The Swiss National Library is showing a selection of prints and drawings by Swiss artist Rudolf De Crignis who lives in New York. Focal point is the portfolio "Surface" especially edited by the National Library’s print publishing program. The exhibition will be open from October 14 to November 4, 2006. The works will be displayed on tables - exactly how you would see them in the studio, but nowhere else.

For ten years the Prints and Drawings Department of the Swiss National Library (SNL) has been collecting works by Rudolf De Crignis, born in Winterthur. Besides his printed and graphic art which in Switzerland is exclusively to be found in Bern, above all De Crignis reputation lays on his paintings which are collected, inter alia, by the Kunsthaus Aarau and the Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich. De Crignis has been living in New York since 1987.

His latest work, the portfolio "Surface" (an edition of 25) is co-published by the artist and the print publishing program of the Swiss National Library’s Prints and Drawings Department, Bern, Switzerland, Director Susanne Bieri. This collection is one of the national repositories of Swiss artists (Editions, Portfolios, Artist-Books and Works on Paper) and holds a substantial amount of De Crignis’s works. This new edition, together with the library’s holdings of his work on paper and related media, will be shown in the exhibition "Surface", which opens up a new approach: neither frames nor protective glass impair appreciation of the subtly shimmering surface of "Surface". Laid out on tables, we’ll see the small formats in unparalleled authenticity, in an intimacy that otherwise is well known from private rooms or an artist’s studio.

Exhibition and series are accompanied by a catalogue that, for the first time, provides a glimpse of Rudolf De Crignis works in the Prints and Drawings Department of the Swiss National library.

Exhibition opening hours Tues - Sat 13.00 – 15.00, and by appointment (Phone 031 322 89 71,

Address for enquiries

Susanne Bieri, Head of the Swiss National Library’s Prints and Drawings Department
Phone + 41 31 322 89 59,


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