Federal Council approves the 2015 Foreign Policy Report

Bern, 13.01.2016 - The Federal Council approved the 2015 Foreign Policy Report at its meeting on 13 January 2016. The report provides an overview of Swiss foreign policy and gives an account of Switzerland's most important foreign policy activities in 2015. This year's report features a chapter on Switzerland's commitment to human rights and international humanitarian law.

The 2015 Foreign Policy Report outlines the implementation of the priorities of Swiss foreign policy defined in the Swiss Foreign Policy Strategy 2012-2015. In addition to Switzerland's commitment to human rights and international humanitarian law, the report also covers Switzerland's relations with its neighbours and the European Union, stability in Europe and around the world, strategic partnerships with non-European states, and matters relating to global governance.

2015 saw a build-up of crises and conflicts and amplification of their intensity and negative impact. The development of the international context and the twists and turns of current events, however, did not change the principles on which Swiss foreign policy is based. During the year under review, the rule of law, universality and neutrality, as well as solidarity and responsibility continued to provide the line of action that Switzerland adopted in its foreign policy.

Together with the search for viable solutions in its relations with the EU, Switzerland's commitment to peace and security therefore remains a priority of Swiss foreign policy. In this context, the 2015 foreign policy report shows how Switzerland was able to assert its interests to make useful contributions to international efforts to ensure stability and the capacity for multilateral action, as well as to build bridges in a partially polarised international environment.

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