Nominees for 2014 Swiss Film Award announced

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Bern, 29.01.2014 - The contenders for the 2014 Swiss Film Award have been revealed. The official announcement was made during “Nominations Night” in Solothurn concert hall. Some 600 invited guests from the Swiss film industry attended the gala evening. The award ceremony itself will take place on 21 March 2014, at the Schiffbau, Zurich.

Around 240 members of the Swiss Film Academy viewed and rated the 118 film entries that were deemed eligible for the competition. The results of the anonymous vote serve as a recommendation for the Swiss Film Award jury whose task it is to select the final award nominees. This year, the awards are divided into 11 categories and come with prize money totalling CHF 435,000. The key role of editors in the filmmaking process will be officially recognised, with the introduction of the new “Best Film Editing” Award. In addition, the 2014 Swiss Film Award will be the first time that the “Best Animated Film” Award will be bestowed annually instead of every two years. Nominations Night was compered by Lausanne duo 120 Secondes.

Nominations for the 2014 Swiss Film Award

Best Fiction Film – each nominee will receive CHF 25,000
Der Goalie bin ig, Sabine Boss, C-Films
Left Foot Right Foot, Germinal Roaux, CAB Productions
Les grandes ondes (à l'ouest), Lionel Baier, Rita Productions
Mary Queen Of Scots, Thomas Imbach, Okofilm Productions
Traumland, Petra Volpe, Zodiac Pictures

Best Documentary Film – each nominee will receive CHF 25,000
Der Imker, Mano Khalil, Frame Film
L'escale, Kaveh Bakhtiari, Louise Productions
L'expérience Blocher, Jean-Stéphane Bron, Bande à Part Films
Neuland, Anna Thommen, Fama Film
Vaters Garten - die Liebe meiner Eltern, Peter Liechti, Liechti Filmproduktion

Best Short Film – each nominee will receive CHF 10,000
'A iucata, Michele Pennetta, Close Up Films
17 anni, Filippo Demarchi, Cinédokke
Man kann nicht alles auf einmal tun, aber man kann alles auf einmal lassen, Marie-Elsa Sgualdo, Terrain Vague
Sortie de route, David Maye & Tristan Aymon, PCT cinéma télévision & Terrain Vague
The Green Serpent, Benny Jaberg, Benny Jaberg

Best Animated Film – each nominee will receive CHF 10,000
Hasta Santiago, Mauro Carraro, Nadasdy Film
The Kiosk, Anete Melece, Virage Film
Vigia, Marcel Barelli, Nadasdy Film

Best Screenplay – each nominee will receive CHF 5,000
Jasmine Hoch, Sabine Boss, Pedro Lenz, Der Goalie bin ig
Lionel Baier, Julien Bouissoux, Les grandes ondes (à l'ouest)
Petra Volpe, Traumland

Best Actress – each nominee will receive CHF 5,000
Ursina Lardi, Traumland
Sonja Riesen, Der Goalie bin ig
Bettina Stucky, Traumland

Best Actor – each nominee will receive CHF 5,000
Stefan Kurt, Akte Grüninger
Patrick Lapp, Les grandes ondes (à l’ouest)
Marcus Signer, Der Goalie bin ig

Best Performance in a Supporting Role – each nominee will receive CHF 5,000
Leonardo Nigro, Die Schwarzen Brüder
Pascal Ulli, Der Goalie bin ig
Dimitri Stapfer, Left Foot Right Foot

Best Film Score – each nominee will receive CHF 5,000
Christian Garcia, L'expérience Blocher
Peter Von Siebenthal, Richard Köchli, Der Goalie bin ig
Adrian Weyermann, Lovely Louise

Best Cinematography – each nominee will receive CHF 5,000
Denis Jutzeler, Left Foot Right Foot
Lorenz Merz, Cherry Pie
Felix von Muralt, Die Schwarzen Brüder

Best Film Editing – each nominee will receive CHF 5,000
Stefan Kälin, De Goalie bin ig
Karine Sudan, L'expérience Blocher
Tania Stöcklin, Vaters Garten - die Liebe meiner Eltern

Swiss Film Award – voting system
The Federal Department of Home Affairs appoints a jury made up of Swiss Film Academy members who compile a shortlist of nominees based on recommendations submitted by around 240 members of the Swiss Film Academy. The members of the 2014 jury, chaired by Ivo Kummer, Head of Film at the Federal Office of Culture, were:  John Canciani, Art Director, International Short Film Festival, Winterthur; Isabel Meier, editor, Berlin; Luc Peter, producer, director and cameraman, Lausanne; Françoise Deriaz, editor, Lausanne; Hans Jürg Zinsli, journalist, Chur/Zurich.

Official 2014 Swiss Film Award ceremony
The 17th Swiss Film Award ceremony will take place on 21 March 2014 at the Schiffbau, Zurich. This gala event, which officially recognises the work of the Swiss film industry, is co-produced by the Federal Office of Culture and its official partners, SRG SSR and the Association "Quartz" Genève Zürich, and is organised in collaboration with SWISS FILMS, the Swiss Film Academy and the Solothurn Film Festival.

Press photos – Nominations Night
From 9.30 pm on 29 January 2014, print-ready photos of Nominations Night will be available to download from the Media section of the Swiss Film Award website (

Accreditation – Swiss Film Award 2014
Working media wishing to cover the Swiss Film Award ceremony in Zurich will be invited to apply for accreditation in February 2014.

Address for enquiries

Ivo Kummer, Head of Film, Federal Office of Culture, +41 (0)79 251 22 40,

Susanne Goldschmid, Deputy Director of Communication, Federal Office of Culture, +41 (0)79 593 70 73,

Christian Frei, President of the Swiss Film Academy, +41 (0)79 287 91 27


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