Signature of a Franco Swiss agreement at Basel-Mulhouse airport

Bern, 22.03.2012 - An agreement has been signed by Switzerland, France and the other actors concerned regarding the continuation labour law practice for companies operating in the Swiss sector and the common sector of Basel-Mulhouse airport.

The agreement was signed in Basel-Mulhouse airport on 22 March 2012 by Didier Burkhalter, head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr Xavier Bertrand, French Minister of Labour, Employment and Health, Mr Philippe Richert, Minister for Territorial Collectivities and President of the Regional Council of Alsace, Basel State Councillors Mr Christoph Brutschin and Mr Peter Zwick, and by representatives of companies and employees working at the airport. Stressing the economic and regional importance of the airport, the Swiss and French authorities pointed out that they wished to contribute to strengthen legal security in the Swiss sector so that activities could continue and so that jobs and the future development of Basel-Muhlhouse airport could be guaranteed. 

The agreement is an agreement on method, i.e. a framework agreement that recognises current practice in the Swiss and the common customs zone in the airport. In line with the practice that was established when the airport was opened in 1946, companies in the Swiss sector of the airport, which is located on French soil, refers to Swiss labour law. These practices were recently called in question by French courts and this created uncertainty among companies operating in this sector. 

The agreement confirms the wish of the parties to maintain a high level of protection for the salaried employees working on the site. The agreement emphasises the equivalence between Swiss and French labour law. It provides a framework for negotiation of individual work contracts and of collective agreements, which will be established by the companies and the employees in the Swiss and common zones, especially with regard to working hours and dismissal procedures. These contracts and agreements will thus continue to correspond to current practice.

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