Macroprudential oversight in Switzerland

Bern, 12.03.2012 - The report on macroprudential oversight in Switzerland contains an analysis of the current structure of oversight of the Swiss financial system and makes concrete proposals with a view to strengthening it.

An oversight function geared to the solvency and stability of individual financial market participants, together with a monetary policy strategy of focusing on price stability, is no guarantee for the stability of the financial system. The latest financial crisis clearly demonstrated that. As a result of this finding, it is necessary to review the oversight of the Swiss financial system as a whole (so-called macroprudential oversight) and strengthen it as the case may be.

In April 2011, the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) instructed the "Financial Stability" working group to review the oversight of the Swiss financial system as a whole (so-called macroprudential oversight). The working group both examined the current structure of macroprudential oversight in Switzerland and drew up concrete proposals designed to strengthen it. In its report, the working group laid out the results of its analysis and the resulting recommendations.

The implementation of the individual measures proposed has already been initiated in part. For example, the FDF has conducted a hearing on the introduction of a countercyclical buffer as well as on increased requirements for the capital underpinning mortgage lending.

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