OECD/G20 project

On the 18 June 2023 the Swiss electorate voted on the Implementation of the OECD/G20 project on the taxation of large corporate groups.

OECD/G20 project: summary

Switzerland, along with some 140 other countries, has committed itself to ensuring that large international corporate groups pay at least 15% in taxes. If a group of companies pays less tax in one country, in future it will be possible for the group to be taxed by other countries until the 15% is reached. In Switzerland, some corporate groups currently pay lower taxes.

The Federal Council and Parliament want to be able to introduce minimum taxation for large international groups of companies. For all other companies, nothing changes. The new law will be implemented by imposing a supplementary tax. If Switzerland does not levy a supplementary tax, other states can collect the difference until the 15% is reached. The financial impact of the new law is difficult to estimate. In the first year, revenues from the supplementary tax are estimated at between CHF 1 and 2.5 billion. 75% of the revenue will go to the cantons, 25% to the Confederation. Thanks to the system of financial equalisation, all the cantons will benefit. Many international companies operate in Switzerland. They provide a large number of jobs and contribute significantly to tax revenues. Higher taxes reduce the attractiveness of a location. The revenues from the supplementary tax should therefore also be used to promote Switzerland as a business location in order to secure jobs and tax revenues. Implementation requires an amendment to the Federal Constitution. That is why a referendum is needed.

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