Direct counter-proposal to the Bike Initiative

On the 23.09. 2018, the Swiss electorate voted on the Direct counter-proposal to the withdrawn Popular Initiative ‘To encourage the use of cycle paths, footpaths and hiking trails (Bike Initiative)’ .

Keystone - Martial Trezzini


Many cities and communes already have cycle paths. As more and more people are on the move, it makes sense to improve the network of cycle paths: cyclists help relieve the burden on other modes of transport. A good network of cycle paths also helps to keep different forms of traffic apart; cars, bikes and pedestrians do not get in each other’s way and there are fewer accidents. 

The proposal

Federal Council and Parliament have therefore decided to treat cycle paths in the same way as footpaths and hiking trails under the law. To achieve this, the Federal Constitution will have to be amended. It is planned to lay down principles about the network of cycle paths and give the federal government the power to support and coordinate measures taken by the cantons and other parties that benefit the cycle path network. This may for example take the form of nationwide standards for cycle paths or geodata for maps and apps. However, the federal government will not encroach on the cantons’ responsibilities: it will only support the cantons and communes at a subsidiary level. The Federal Decree on Cycle Paths is a direct counter-proposal to the Bike Initiative, which has now been withdrawn.


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