Media releases

All media releases from the departments and offices. Announcements are also available via email subscriptions and RSS feed.


All speeches by the federal councillors. Video messages by presidents of the Swiss Confederation for 1 August and for the New Year.

Popular votes – overview

Dates and subjects of upcoming popular votes. Archives of all popular votes and results since 1848.


Agenda of the next Federal Council meeting and other events and media announcements by the Federal Administration or the political parties.

Access to official documents

Any person basically has access to official documents of the Federal Administration. Ad-dresses for requesting access to documents.

Studies, reports and evaluations conducted by the Federal Administration

Access to studies carried out by the Confederation with external experts. List of contractors, clients and costs.

Federal Palace Media Centre

The Federal Council, Parliament, political parties and commissions use the Media Centre to address the media and by extension the public.