Energy Act (EnA)


Starting position

Around the world, energy provision is in a state of turmoil. Energy prices are very low and new technologies are developing apace. The Federal Council, following guidelines laid down by Parliament, has adopted the Energy Strategy 2050 to ensure that Switzerland will continue to have secure energy supplies.

Total revision of the Energy Act

Energy Strategy 2050 will be implemented in phases. Parliament has approved an initial package of measures that aim to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency and promote renewable energies such as water, solar, wind and geothermal power, and biomass fuels. In addition, temporary support is to be given to existing large-scale hydropower plants, because they are barely able to cover their production costs due to the low market prices. Parliament has decided to introduce these measures by making a complete revision of the Energy Act and by amending other related legislation.

Why a referendum?

A referendum has been requested on the revision of the Energy Act. Critics claim that implementing Energy Strategy 2050 will be too expensive, will lead to more bureaucracy and restrictions, will place the energy supply at risk, and will spoil the landscape.

Position of the Federal Council and Parliament

The Federal Council and Parliament recommend that the proposal be accepted. It will lead to a gradual withdrawal from nuclear energy and ensure that Switzerland can reduce its energy consumption and dependence on fossil energies from abroad, while increasing the proportion of local renewable energy sources used. This will bring investment and jobs to Switzerland, thus benefiting the population and the economy.

Last modification 21.05.2017

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