COVID-19 Act

On the 18 June 2023 the Swiss electorate voted on the Amendment of 16 December 2022 to the COVID-19 Act.

COVID-19 Act: summary

The coronavirus remains unpredictable. It is hard to say with any certainty how it will develop. The possibility that dangerous variants of the virus will emerge again cannot be ruled out. Parliament has therefore extended the period of application for the legal provisions on certain measures in the COVID-19 Act until mid-2024. This enables the authorities to act quickly in an emergency to protect particularly vulnerable people and the healthcare system. A referendum has been called against this extension.

By extending the application of the provisions, medicines for severe COVID-19-related diseases can continue to be imported and used, even if they are not yet authorised in Switzerland. The Confederation may continue to issue a COVID certificate, especially if this becomes necessary again in order to travel abroad. It can also require employers to protect particularly vulnerable people, for example by allowing them to work from home. In the event of any border closures, the federal government must ensure that cross-border commuters can continue to enter the country. The currently deactivated SwissCovid app can be reactivated if required. If the bill were to be rejected, these provisions would cease to apply in mid-December 2023.

Last modification 18.06.2023

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