Amendment to the Federal Act on Film Production and Film Culture

On the 15 Mai 2022 the Swiss electorate voted on the Amendment to the Federal Act on Film Production and Film Culture.

In brief

Domestic television broadcasters are obliged to invest 4 per cent of their turnover in Swiss filmmaking. In so doing, they make an important contribution to local film production. However, films and series are increasingly also offered for download on the internet (streaming). For the streaming services, which are often globally active, there has so far been no investment obligation in

The amendment to the Film Act stipulates that streaming services must in future also invest 4 per cent of the revenue generated in Switzerland in local filmmaking. They can either participate directly in Swiss film and series productions or pay a substitute levy that benefits Swiss film promotion. In addition, 30 per cent of the streaming services' content must consist of films or series produced in Europe. A referendum has been called against the amendment.

Last modification 15.05.2022

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