Federal Act on a Package of Measures to benefit the Media

On the 13 February 2022 the Swiss electorate voted on the Federal Act on a Package of Measures to benefit the Media.


Newspapers, private radio and television stations and online media provide the population with regional and national
information every day. They help to shape political opinion and bring social cohesion. Despite their importance, however, local and regional media have come under financial pressure: advertising revenues are increasingly going to large international internet platforms. Many newspapers have disappeared. Private radio and television stations also have less advertising income. This has an adverse effect on news reporting from the regions, which has a negative impact on society.

The Federal Council and Parliament want to improve the position of local and regional media. The federal government has subsidised the delivery of subscription newspapers for many years. These subsidies will be extended to newspapers with a larger circulation and to early morning deliveries. In addition, online media will be supported, and local radio stations and regional television can receive more financial assistance. Support is provided on condition that the media concerned are aimed primarily at a Swiss audience and deal with a range of political, business and social topics. The measures will be financed by the revenues from the existing radio and television fee and from the federal budget. In the case of newspapers and online media, support is provided for a period of seven years.

Last modification 10.02.2022

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