Marriage for all

On the 26 September 2021 the Swiss electorate voted on the Marriage for all.

In brief

Today, couples of the same sex are unable to marry in Switzerland. They only have the option of entering into a registered partnership. In recent years, this has been legally approximated to marriage in certain respects. However, there are still differences, namely with regard to naturalisation, the adoption of children and access to reproductive medicine. The Federal Council and Parliament want to eliminate these inequalities and open up marriage to all couples. A referendum opposing such a move was requested: marriage should continue to only be possible between a man and a woman.

Under the amended law, same-sex couples would be able to have a civil wedding and would be placed on an equal footing with other married couples both institutionally and legally. The foreign husband of a Swiss man and the foreign wife of a Swiss woman would be able to apply for simplified naturalisation, for example. Same-sex couples would also be able to adopt a child together. In addition, married female couples would have access to legally regulated sperm donation. Registered partnerships could be converted into a marriage, but no longer entered into anew.

Last modification 11.07.2022

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