Popular initiative “For a Switzerland without artificial pesticides”

On the 13 June 2021 the Swiss electorate voted on the Popular initiative “For a Switzerland without artificial pesticides”.


Pesticides are used to protect plants, animals, people and materials against harmful or undesirable organisms and pathogens. Pesticides are carefully tested to make sure they are not harmful to health or the environment. Only products approved by the authorities may be used. Checks are also made to ensure that pesticides are used correctly. The authors of the initiative do not believe these requirements go far enough.

The initiative aims to prohibit artificial pesticides in Switzerland. The ban would affect agriculture, food production and food processing, the maintenance of public parks and private gardens and measures to protect infrastructure such as railway lines. Furthermore, it would no longer be possible to import foodstuffs produced abroad using artificial pesticides or which contain such pesticides. The ban would have to be implemented within ten years, during which time the Federal Council could allow exceptions in the case of a serious threat to agriculture, the population or the environment, for example in the event of an exceptional shortage of supplies.

Who is entitled to vote? Where and how to vote?

Last modification 13.06.2021

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