Federal Decree on the Procurement of New Fighter Aircraft

On the 27 of September 2020 the Swiss electorate voted on the Federal Decrete on the Procurement of New Fighter Aircraft.


In brief

Switzerland deploys fighter aircraft to monitor, protect and defend its airspace. The current jet fighters are either ageing or already obsolete. They will have to be taken out of service around 2030. The Federal Council and Parliament take the view that fighter jets will continue to be needed in the future in order to protect the Swiss population against threats from our skies.

The bill proposed by the Federal Council and Parliament provides that Switzerland will purchase new fighter aircraft by 2030. It allocates a maximum of 6 billion francs to this project. The aircraft manufacturer that is awarded the contract must in turn award contracts to Swiss companies worth at least 60 per cent of the purchase price. These contracts will be shared among the language regions. A referendum has been called against the Federal Decree. This means Swiss voters must decide whether to buy the new fighter aircraft. If the People say yes, the Federal Council will decide on the type and number of aircraft. It will submit its decision to Parliament for approval.  


Who is entitled to vote? Where and how to vote?

Last modification 11.07.2022

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