Ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation

On the 9 of Februar the Swiss electorate voted on the ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation.


In brief

Swiss criminal law protects people against various forms of discrimination. For example, it is an offence for anyone to publicly denigrate by their words or actions a person or group of people on the grounds of their race, ethnic origin or religion. Parliament has decided to increase the level of protection and to extend the criminal provision on anti-racism to include discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. A referendum has been brought against this proposal.

Changing the law will provide protection to people who are discriminated against because they are homosexual or bisexual, or indeed heterosexual. The new provision will prohibit public statements or actions that violate the human dignity of a person or group and which therefore incite a climate of hatred and endanger the peaceful coexistence of society. It will also be an offence to refuse to provide someone with a service that is publicly on offer because of their sexual orientation. The new provision will not apply to comments or conduct within a family or a group of friends. Objective public debate of the issue is also not affected and will continue to be allowed.


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Last modification 11.07.2022

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