Fair Food Initiative

On the 23.09. 2018, the Swiss electorate voted on the Federal Popular Initiative ‘For healthy, environmentally-friendly food fairly produced (Fair Food Initiative)’.

Keystone - Gaetan Bally


The food we eat in Switzerland is of good quality and is safe. The Federal Constitution and various laws and international agreements regulate in detail how food should be produced and the conditions that apply to food that is imported. The authors of the Fair Food Initiative want to introduce a new, comprehensive article to the Constitution in order to broaden the range of sustainably and fairly produced foodstuffs on offer from Switzerland and abroad.

The proposal

The Fair-Food Initiative calls on the federal government to promote environmentally sound, animal-friendly and fairly produced foodstuffs. It aims to introduce requirements for Swiss produce. These standards would also apply to imported foodstuffs; in some cases, they would apply immediately, in others in the longer term. Compliance checks would have to be carried out, for example by conducting inspections in Switzerland and abroad. The initiative also requires the federal government to reduce the impact on the environment of transporting and storing foodstuffs, to introduce declaration regulations, to take measures to prevent food from being wasted and to promote regional and seasonal foods.


Who is entitled to vote? Where and how to vote?

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