Federal Decree on Establishing a Fund for National Roads and Urban Traffic (NRUTF)


Switzerland has a good transport system, which has, however, been pushed to its limits due to increasing mobility. On many of our national roads and in our cities, traffic congestion is the norm. The major strain on roads pushes up operating and maintenance costs and creates the need for further expansion.

Aim of the draft proposal

The Federal Council and Parliament have established the Fund for National Roads and Urban Traffic (NRUTF), in order to secure the long-term financing of national roads and to continue financing urban traffic projects. The new fund is unlimited in time and will be the subject of an article in the Federal Constitution, providing for the gradual expansion of the national road network. As a first step, around CHF 6.5 billion is expected to be spent by 2030 on relieving congestion. This amendment to the Constitution, which will be put to the vote, will also allow the federal government to continue making contributions to urban projects.

Position of the Federal Council and Parliament

The Federal Council and Parliament recommend voting in favour of this proposal. An efficient and attractive transport network is important for Switzerland. Further investment is needed to meet growing mobility demands. The NRUTF makes this possible. It provides a solution for national roads and urban traffic, similar to the already existing solution for rail infrastructure, and it ensures fair financing. The NRUTF makes it possible to improve the transport system throughout Switzerland, benefiting both the population and the economy.

Last modification 14.02.2017

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