Popular vote

Popular vote

Popular vote on 21 Mai 2017

On 21 Mai 2017, the Swiss electorate will vote on the Energy Act.

Dates of upcoming federal popular votes

The provisional dates of federal popular votes are fixed in advance. The Federal Council decides at least four months in advance if a popular vote is to be held on the date reserved for that purpose.

Pending initiatives and referendums

The following popular initiatives and referendums have been submitted to the Federal Chancellery and may be put to the popular vote if enough valid signatures are collected. Find also a list of compulsory referendums.


Since 1848, the Swiss electorate has been called to the ballot box 303 times. You find a list of all the proposals which have come before the People at federal level and the results.

How and where to vote?

When does the polling station in the commune where I live open, which deadline is set for postal voting and how to properly fill out ballot papers

Answers on ch.ch

Participating in political life – a brief introduction to direct democracy in Switzerland

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