Country Strategy Evaluation - Mozambique 2012 - 2016

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Country Strategy Evaluation - Mozambique 2012 - 2016

This evaluation analyses Switzerland's cooperation with Mozambique as defined in the Cooperation Strategy (CS) Mozambique 2012 - 2016. The evaluation was carried out in November 2015 by a team constituted of one external consultant and two peers of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The main objectives of the cooperation strategy evaluation are to assess the relevance and coherence of the Swiss development cooperation with regard to national development priorities and the Parliamentary Message on Switzerland’s International Cooperation.

The evaluation focused on four Evaluation Areas (EA): EA1 Context analysis, EA2 Relevance and appropriateness of program portfolio, EA3 Implementation of the CS and its portfolio, and EA4 Results of the CS in relation to the results at the country level.

Keywords Evaluation / Country Evaluation / Mozambique / Cooperation Strategy / Peer
Topic area Education and Research
Environment and Nature
Economic Affairs
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Agents Fritz Brugger + Rolf Kappel, ETH/NADEL, Zurich, Switzerland
Principals FDFA - Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Costs CHF76,500
Budget charged SDC, Evaluation and Corporate Controlling Division
Legal basis Art. 57 Abs. 1 RVOG
Art. 57 al. 1 LOGA
Art. 57 cpv. 1 LOGA
Copyright held by Copyright, Bundesbehörden der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft, 2007
Droits d'auteur: autorités de la Confédération suisse, 2007
Diritti d'autore: autorità della Confederazione Svizzera, anno 2007
Dretgs d'autur: autoritads da la Confederaziun svizra, 2007
Copyright, Swiss federal authorities, 2007
Details regarding this study can be obtained from SDC, Evaluation and Corporate Controlling Division
Issue date 01.06.2016
Entry data 11.07.2016
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