Evaluation of SDC’s Performance in Basic Education 2007 – 2014

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Evaluation of SDC’s Performance in Basic Education 2007 – 2014

This report summarizes the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the independent evaluation of SDC’s Performance in Basic Education (BE) 2007 – 2014. It addresses the following four key evaluation areas:
• Alignment with strategic objectives of SDC in education
• Relevance and effectiveness of the BE projects and programs
• Appropriateness and efficiency of SDC’s implementation modalities
• Correspondence with international agendas, standards and “best practices”
The overall purpose of this evaluation is to render accountability, generate knowledge, learning and improve SDC’s performance in BE. In particular, the purpose of the independent evaluation is to provide SDC with a valid, accurate, useful, and differentiated assessment of the performance of its BE projects.

Keywords Basic Education, Education, Burkina Faso, Western Balkan
Topic area Education and Research
Switzerland and Foreign Affairs
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Agents Columbia University in the City of New York, USA
Principals FDFA - Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Costs CHF216,200
Budget charged SDC, Evaluation and Corporate Controlling Division
Legal basis Art. 57 Abs. 1 RVOG
Art. 57 al. 1 LOGA
Art. 57 cpv. 1 LOGA
Copyright held by Copyright, Bundesbehörden der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft, 2007
Droits d'auteur: autorités de la Confédération suisse, 2007
Diritti d'autore: autorità della Confederazione Svizzera, anno 2007
Dretgs d'autur: autoritads da la Confederaziun svizra, 2007
Copyright, Swiss federal authorities, 2007
Details regarding this study can be obtained from SDC, Evaluation and Corporate Controlling Division
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