Evaluation Stocktaking Assessment of Public Private Development Partnership of SDC

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Evaluation Stocktaking Assessment of Public Private Development Partnership of SDC

SDC has a long track record on partnering with the private sector. This “pioneer time” has allowed it to test approaches with various actors in different contexts. However, a clear overview of what has been done and, above all, what has been achieved in partnerships with the private sector has been missing.

The present evaluation aimed therefore at taking stock of the different partnerships with the private sector SDC has been involved so far in order to support the current re-positioning of SDC towards intensified public-private development partnerships engagement as stipulated in the Bill on Switzerland’s International Cooperation 2013–2016.

Instead of undertaking an in-depths thematic evaluation of PPDP with worldwide experiences, the 20-day study was mandated to Ms. Melina Heinrich (Cambridge) to provide in a short period of time:

•a map of SDC’s types of interventions with regards to their cooperation modalities, structural set-up and intentions
•an assessment of the results achieved through PPDP so far
•an estimate of the efficiency of the modality and of the opportunities and risks.
•recommendations, where necessary, for appropriate institutional re-positioning.

Keywords Partnership, PPDP, Public-Private Development Partnership Portfolio of SDC
Topic area Switzerland and Foreign Affairs
The following topics are covered

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Agents Melina Heinrich
Principals FDFA - Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
Costs CHF30,000
Budget charged SDC / DEZA / DDC / DSC / COSUDE
Legal basis Artikel 170 der Bundesverfassung zur Wirksamkeitsüberprüfung
Article 170 de la Constitution fédérale relatif à l’évaluation de l’efficacité
Articolo 170 della Costituzione federale sulla verifica dell‘efficacia
Article 170 of the Swiss Federal Constitution on the evaluation of effectiveness
Copyright held by Copyright, Bundesbehörden der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft, 2007
Droits d'auteur: autorités de la Confédération suisse, 2007
Diritti d'autore: autorità della Confederazione Svizzera, anno 2007
Dretgs d'autur: autoritads da la Confederaziun svizra, 2007
Copyright, Swiss federal authorities, 2007
Details regarding this study can be obtained from Evaluation and Corporate Controlling Division
Issue date 30.01.2013
Entry data 27.12.2013
Last update 27.12.2013 11:00:42

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