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The Federal Council All
Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland All
Supervisory Authority for the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland All
Bundesverwaltungsgericht All
Federal Chancellery All
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs All
Federal Department of Home Affairs All
Federal Department of Justice and Police All
Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports DDPS All
Federal Department of Finance All
Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research All
Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications All

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Topic Restrictions and exclusions Action
Federal Council All
Financial Centre All
President of the Swiss Confederation All
Consumer Affairs All
Legal Affairs All
Sport All
Public Finances All
Telecommunications All
Immigration - Implementation of the new constitutional provisions All
Political Rights All
Armed Forces All
Confederation and Cantons All
Education and Research All
Spatial Planning All
Travel and Tourism All
Economic Affairs All
Security All
Culture All
Official Publications All
Agriculture All
Social Affairs All
Transport All
Energy All
Europe All
Labour All
Strong Swiss franc All
IT and E-Government All
Switzerland and Foreign Affairs All
Libraries and Archives All
Government Employees All
Health All
Statistics All
Technology All
Environment and Nature All
Migration All
Media All
Taxation All
Public Procurement All
Parliament All
Criminality All
Courts All
Customs All
Authorities All
Special Situations All

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Subscription option Restrictions and exclusions Action – das vielseitige Behörden Portal All
Cybersecurity All
LeGes All
Promotions in the officer corps All
Publication of the Official Compilation of Federal Legislation All
Urgent publication All
Weekly publication of the Official Federal Gazette All

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