2024 motorway vignette: stress-free access to the motorway in just a few clicks thanks to the e-vignette

(Last modification 01.12.2023)

Bern, 27.11.2023 - The 2024 motorway vignette will be available from 1 December 2023. This year, motorists can choose between using the advantages of the new e-vignette or buying the conventional tax sticker.

The e-vignette and the sticker are equivalent in principle. Both versions allow you to use the Swiss motorway and road network, and both cost CHF 40. They are also both valid for the relevant calendar year, plus one month before and one month after - i.e. the 2024 vignette runs from 1 December 2023 to 31 January 2025.

The key difference is that the e-vignette is digitally linked to the vehicle registration number. This means that the e-vignette brings a few advantages: it can be purchased online from anywhere and at any time, and is valid immediately from the time of purchase. It does not have to be affixed to the vehicle, or removed again afterwards. In the case of interchangeable number plates, only one e-vignette is required, instead of a separate sticker for each vehicle as in the past. Furthermore, provided the same number plate is used, a new e-vignette does not have to be purchased if a new vehicle is purchased during the course of the year. Similarly, there is no need to purchase a new one if the windscreen gets broken. By buying an e-vignette ahead of time, travellers from abroad can avoid unnecessary stops and reach their destination quicker. The e-vignettes will be verified through random number plate checks by FOCBS staff at the border, and by the cantonal police within Switzerland. Devices for automated checks will not be installed.

When buying an e-vignette, only three pieces of information need to be provided: vehicle category, country of registration and number plate. Other details, such as the vehicle owner, do not need to be entered. The "publicly viewable" option allows you to check whether a valid e-vignette already exists for a corresponding number plate. This is particularly useful if a vehicle is used by several people, e.g. in the case of rental vehicles or car sharing.

Since the e-vignette was launched at the beginning of August 2023, it has already been purchased over 250,000 times from the FOCBS's webshop. For 2024, the e-vignette icon and the tax sticker are in the same green as the Swiss motorway signage.

The tax sticker can be purchased at the usual locations, such as post offices, garages and petrol stations, and the e-vignette can be obtained from www.e-vignette.ch. The following video available under the links shows how easy it is to purchase an e-vignette.

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