New Logib web application helps companies develop a gender-neutral pay system

Bern, 02.11.2023 - As of today, the Confederation is making Logib pay system available, a new web application for companies and organisations. With Logib pay system, they can develop a simple system for managing functions and salaries based on gender-neutral criteria. This reduces the risk of pay discrimination.

Logib pay system is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses and organisations that need support in setting up or checking their pay system. To draw up a pay system, the application looks at the requirements for carrying out the various functions (e.g. technical knowledge) and on the inherent burdens (e.g. exposure to noise). A transparent pay system can be drawn up based on clear, non-discriminatory criteria. In using the tool, companies and organisations can help to improve equal pay and reduce the administrative costs involved in setting salaries, for example when recruiting or promoting staff. A large number of specialists and companies were involved in developing and testing the tool. Logib modules 1 and 2 already allow companies to analyse their pay practices.

Pay disparities in Switzerland
Employers in Switzerland are required to provide equal pay. However, according to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office's latest earnings structure survey (ESS 2020) the average unexplained pay gap between women and men is 7.8% (ESS 2018: 8.1%). This equates to an average of CHF 717 per month less for women. ESS 2018 also showed that the unexplained pay gap is above average in smaller companies.

A key concern of government
Promoting equal pay is a key concern of the Federal Council. It has made the 2030 gender equality strategy, adopted in 2021, one of its primary objectives. The inclusion in Logib of a function which makes it possible to draw up a simple, gender-neutral system of positions and salaries is one of the 18 measures in the strategy to strengthen the Equal Pay Charter. The Federal Council adopted the strategy in December 2022 in response to postulate 20.4263 put forward by the National Council's Science, Education and Culture Committee.

 A tool to strengthen equal pay
Along with Logib modules 1 and 2, this new function is a further free app made available to companies by the Confederation to help them identify and effectively eliminate pay disparities between women and men. These instruments for promoting equal pay are internationally recognised: Logib modules 1 and 2 have been awarded the EPIC Good Practice label by the International Coalition for Equal Pay, a partnership launched by the International Labour Organization, UN Women and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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