Swiss Air Force to train with U.S. Air Force in Switzerland

Bern, 18.09.2023 - The Swiss Air Force and the U.S. Air Force will conduct a joint training exercise in Swiss airspace from 18–21 September 2023. The training is part of Switzerland's efforts to strengthen its defence capabilities through international cooperation.

From 18–21 September, several training modules will take place in Swiss airspace. Swiss Air Force Squadrons 17 and 18, and the 510th Fighter Squadron of the U.S. Air Force will be taking part in the exercise. The former will be taking off from Payerne Air Base in Vaud, Switzerland, the latter from Aviano Air Base in Italy. The purpose of the Swiss-American training exercise is to jointly test the planning, execution and debriefing of air defence exercises, and discuss experiences. It is based on a bilateral agreement on military training, education and exercises from April 2020.

Strengthening defence capabilities through international cooperation

Two Swiss F/A-18 fighter aircraft and two F-16 fighter aircraft of the U.S. Air Force will be taking part in the exercise. The joint training builds on a long history of cooperation between the two air forces in training and education. It is in line with the Federal Council's plans to strengthen Swiss defence capabilities through international cooperation, as stated in the supplementary report to the September 2022 Security Policy Report.

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