Attempts to destabilise Moldova: Federal Council adopts targeted sanctions

Bern, 28.06.2023 - On 28 June, the Federal Council decided on targeted sanctions in relation to the situation in Moldova and adopted an ordinance to this effect. Switzerland is thus joining the EU in imposing sanctions at Moldova's request due to the intensification of destabilising actions in the country since the start of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. The ordinance concerning Moldova will come into force on 28 June at 6pm.

The Federal Council imposed financial sanctions and travel restrictions on five individuals on 28 June. These include businessmen and politicians who have been involved in acts that undermine Moldova's sovereignty and independence. The measures consist of a freeze on these individuals' assets and economic resources, and a ban on entry into and transit through Switzerland. Assets to be frozen must be reported to SECO immediately.

The Federal Council is concerned by the intensification of direct threats since the start of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. Domestic groups and Russia are engaging in these activities in an attempt to destabilise Moldova. The targeted restrictive measures adopted by the Federal Council on 28 June are aimed at those responsible for supporting or implementing actions that threaten Moldova's sovereignty and independence. They are also intended as a reaction to the growing number of attacks on democracy, the rule of law and the country's stability and security, and to emphasise the Federal Council's support for the current government. Switzerland is ready to support efforts to stabilise the current situation, in line with its commitment to development cooperation, the promotion of economic interests and the fight against corruption in Moldova.

The sanctions in no way impede the free trade agreement between the EFTA States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and Moldova that was signed in Schaan, Liechtenstein, on 27 June.

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