New goods traffic system «Passar» goes live

Bern, 01.06.2023 - On June 1st 2023, the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS) launches the first stage of «Passar», the new goods traffic system and one of the central elements of the digitalisation and transformation programme DaziT. Passar gradually contributes to the simplification and acceleration of the cross-border traffic of goods. The staged changeover from the previous IT systems to Passar was coordinated with representatives of the economy.

The first stage of Passar (Passar 1.0) can be used from June 1st 2023 for the digital processing of the transit and export of goods. The import of goods into Switzerland and other special procedures will be part of the second stage of Passar (Passar 2.0) from the beginning of 2025. The introduction of Passar in several stages and the parallel run with the previous freight systems NCTS and E-dec was decided in close consultation with representatives of the business community in order to minimise the effort and risks involved in the changeover.

After a one-time registration in the ePortal, companies can manage their own data independently. One of the most important innovations is that the goods declarations in Passar only become legally binding through so-called activation when the border is crossed. Up to that point, they can be adjusted without restriction. This simplifies the processes, increases flexibility and reduces the administrative effort. To further accelerate border crossing, the already established Activ App is recommended, which enables automated activation. In such cases, goods transports are allowed to use the fast lanes and are only stopped at the border if an on-the-spot control is required.

Simultaneously with the introduction of Passar 1.0, Switzerland is implementing the European Union's new reporting model for transit (NCTS Phase 5) on schedule.

The systematic simplification and end-to-end digitalisation of all customs and duty collection processes is a key objective of the transformation programme DaziT. The first stage of Passar simplifies and digitalises customs processes within the framework of current law. Further simplifications and benefits for those involved in the processes are planned with the second stage after the revision of the legal basis.

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