New website “Military brands” shows armasuisse’s implementation of the military brand strategy

Bern, 30.05.2023 - The Federal Office for Defence Procurement armasuisse is responsible for the protection, defence and licensing of the military brands, in particular “Swiss Army”, “Swiss Military” and “Swiss Air Force”. The new website “Military brands” shows the strategy and implementation that is being pursued for the management and protection of the military brands. The aim of the transparent information policy is to make the public aware of the lawful use of the military brands.

The Federal Office for Defence Procurement armasuisse is tasked with protecting military brands, enforcing them against unauthorised third parties and licensing them. The mandate goes back to a motion from 2012 and concerns in particular the brands “Swiss Army”, “Swiss Military” and “Swiss Air Force”.

According to the current jurisdiction of the Federal Administrative Court, the military brands are considered to be official signs of the Confederation. They are entered in the trademark register in the name of the Swiss Confederation. Only companies which have signed a licence agreement are entitled to use the military brands for commercial purposes. Transparent information is available on the website which shows which companies have concluded a licence agreement for which military brands.

Under the licence agreements, brand protection and defence is carried out in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, armasuisse’s contractual partners and mandated brand lawyers at home and abroad. The global brand protection, brand management and legal costs for defending the protected military brands will be financed using the licensing income. Remaining amounts will be transferred annually to the Federal Treasury.

With the website “Military brands”, armasuisse will raise awareness of the authorised commercial use of military brands by third parties. In addition, it shows its actions and procedures with regard to the consistent enforcement of the brand policy for protecting the military brands.

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