Ukraine: Switzerland sanctions Wagner Group

Bern, 20.04.2023 - The Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER), responsible for imposing sanctions, today added the Wagner Group and news agency RIA FAN to Switzerland’s list of sanctions against Russia. The changes take effect from 6pm on 20 April.

On 14 April the EU sanctioned the Wagner Group for its active participation in Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. The Wagner Group is a Russia-based military organisation which, under the leadership of Yevgeniy Prigozhin, serves as an instrument of Russian hybrid warfare. While its legal nature is unclear, the Wagner Group forms part of a complex network of global companies (operating in a range of sectors including aviation, security, technology, commodity trading, financial services and influencing activities) which are linked through overlapping ownership structures and logistics networks.

At the same time, the EU sanctioned Russian news agency RIA FAN for its dissemination of pro-government propaganda and disinformation. Switzerland is now also adopting sanctions against these two organisations, thereby reinforcing the impact of the EU's measures.

Furthermore, on 10 April the EU imposed a broadcasting and advertising ban on television channels RT Arabic and Sputnik Arabic. Both channels play a significant role in the Russian government's systematic international campaign of media manipulation and falsification of facts. The Federal Council previously stated on 25 March 2022 that it is more effective to counter untrue and harmful statements with facts rather than to ban them outright. Therefore, while these two media outlets will not be blocked in Switzerland, there will be a ban on advertising on them.

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