Fifth call for proposals launched for SWEET funding programme

Bern, 29.09.2022 - The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is launching a new call for proposals under the SWEET funding programme on the topic 'Sustainable Fuels and Platform Chemicals'. Sustainable liquid and gaseous fuels will make an important contribution to achieving the goals of the energy strategy and long-term climate strategy. How and where can these be produced? Answers to these and other questions are to come from the new call for proposals, in which the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and armasuisse are also participating. The application deadline is 9 December 2022.

Liquid and gaseous fuels can be produced in various ways, for example: production of hydrogen using renewable electricity, possibly followed by further synthesis steps to produce ammonia, methanol and other substances (power-to-X); fermentation/gasification of biomass with downstream conversion steps (biomass-to-X); use of concentrated solar energy to drive chemical reactions (solar-to-X). To be considered sustainable, such fuels must meet environmental and social sustainability criteria throughout their life cycle.

Since hydrogen, ammonia or methanol can be used not only as fuel but also as source materials for fertilisers or as building blocks for special chemicals and materials, the full title of the call for proposals is 'Sustainable Fuels and Platform Chemicals'.

Researchers are being asked to provide answers to three research questions:

  • How can Switzerland meet its future needs for sustainable fuels and platform chemicals?
  • How must the technologies for the production, transport, distribution, storage and use of sustainable fuels be further developed so that they can make a tangible contribution to the energy and climate goals?
  • How can the additional potential of Swiss farmyard manure be put to profitable use for the production of sustainable fuels?

Based on experience from previous SWEET calls for proposals, the SFOE is encouraging the formation of small consortia. Another condition is that at least one Swiss company from industry or the private sector must be among the applicants. In a two-stage selection process comprising a pre-proposal and full proposal, a consortium will be selected to receive funding of up to CHF 15 million over a period of six to eight years. Pre-proposals can be submitted up to 9 December 2022. The final contract award is expected to be announced in summer 2023 with research work starting autumn 2023.

Details of the entry conditions are set out in the Call Guideline (attached to this press release, available in English only). In addition to the aforementioned support, applicants can apply for further funding from the SFOE's P+D programme and via the FOCA's Spezialfinanzierung Luftverkehr (SFLV).

SWEET (SWiss Energy research for the Energy Transition) funding programme

The SWEET programme issues rolling calls for proposals for consortium projects and will continue until 2032. Funding is provided only for consortium projects that address central research topics of the 2050 Energy Strategy and Switzerland's long-term climate strategy in a comprehensive manner. SWEET focuses on solution-oriented research and on demonstrations of the results achieved. The SFOE has the lead for the SWEET programme.

Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)

The FOCA is currently working on ways to optimise its support for the development and use of sustainable (aviation) fuels. These fuels can significantly reduce the impact of air traffic on the climate. Development in this area is a priority defined in the current multi-year SFLV financial aid programme. Close cooperation with the partner offices is sought in order to ensure that funding is as effective as possible.


The Federal Office for Defence Procurement (armasuisse) is the procurement, technology and real estate centre of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS). It is responsible for the development, evaluation, procurement and disposal of systems and materials of the Swiss Armed Forces and other customers. It participates in meeting the DDPS's energy policy objectives as set out in the Energy and Climate action plan. Replacing fossil fuels with more climate-friendly options is a high priority in this regard.

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