Innosuisse funding strengthens added value at Swiss companies

Bern, 05.05.2022 - Innosuisse has been studying with a systematic monitoring the impact of supported innovation projects on companies since the beginning of 2021. The results show that the funding quickly benefits the Swiss economy. The implementation of the projects on the market creates promising new jobs. Every third innovation supported by Innosuisse is a first on the world market.

Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency, aims to strengthen long-term competitiveness and economic potential in Switzerland through its funding, thereby directly contributing to positive economic, social and ecological development.

With the results from the impact monitoring, the benefit of innovation promotion can be proven with concrete figures, and it will be possible to track the development over time in the future. The results demonstrate the wide-ranging effects of innovation promotion:

• Economic value creation in companies
One franc invested in innovation projects leads to an additional value added (e.g. rise in employment, sales growth) of 5.10 francs for companies over a period of three years. 1,080 jobs were created from the 364 projects completed in 2018.

• Enabling radical and disruptive forms of innovation in Switzerland
Innosuisse supports innovation projects that have a high economic potential but that would not otherwise have been carried out due to high risks. Approximately half of funded projects pursue radical or disruptive forms of innovation. Every third innovation supported by Innosuisse is a world market first.

• Supporting long-term collaboration
Innosuisse project funding strengthens the knowledge and technology transfer between universities and companies. Partners often continue to collaborate for the long term: almost half of the companies are still working with their research partner three years after project completion.

• Developing digital solutions
The ongoing digital transformation is a powerful driver of innovation. Many companies use digitisation in their innovation projects to create completely new and innovative business models as part of their process, product or service innovations. 55% of pro-jects completed in 2021 deal with digital solutions.

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