Ukraine: SEM launches campaign against human trafficking

Bern-Wabern, 11.04.2022 - Conflicts, crises and war can force people to flee. Refugees risk becoming victims of trafficking or other forms of abuse. That is why the State Secretariat for Migration SEM is launching an information campaign against human trafficking. The aim is to raise awareness among those seeking protection and inform them about victim support counselling centres.

"Protect yourself! – Human trafficking and other forms of abuse". This is the campaign just launched by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among persons seeking protection of the various forms of abuse and of counselling centres for victim support in particular.

SEM has produced a poster and a flyer for this purpose. In addition to general information, these also contain specific advice on how people seeking refuge can protect themselves from abuse. In addition, emergency numbers and addresses of all the victim counselling centres in Switzerland are provided. Both resources can be downloaded in Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Italian and German on the campaign website and can also be used and distributed by other organisations.

The impetus came from the war in Ukraine, which has forced many people to flee their homes and seek protection. People in this situation are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking or other forms of abuse. This is especially true for women and children. All those seeking refuge are given a flyer when they register at a Federal Asylum Centre (FAC). In addition, the staff in the FACs have been trained to look out for possible signs of human trafficking and to report suspicious cases immediately.

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