Swiss food shipment reaches Odesa

Bern, 08.04.2022 - Switzerland is organising a series of food deliveries for the suffering civilian population in Ukraine. Yesterday, a transport reached Odesa, a city of over a million inhabitants, which needs to organise sufficient food reserves to sustain the nutrition of the population. The SDC's humanitarian aid deliveries are made at the request of the local authorities.

Switzerland has launched a series of aid shipments for the needy population in Ukraine. In cooperation with her Ukrainian partner Astarta-Kyiv, yesterday Switzerland handed over a first consignment of oil, sugar, flour, corn and powdered milk purchased on the Ukrainian market. This action was taken at the request of the authorities of the city of Odesa, who are working on establishing strategic reserves to ensure food distribution to vulnerable population in case of a potential blockade of the city.

The delivery of the food was welcomed by the Mayor of Odesa in the presence of a team from the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA). Since last week, an SHA team from Moldova had travelled to Ukraine several times to prepare a series of deliveries amounting to 1400 tons of food products for Odesa in cooperation with the Ukrainian authorities.

The actions of the SDC's Humanitarian Aid, which is affiliated to the FDFA, come at a time when the situation in Ukraine is deteriorating. The United Nations estimates the number of people in need of assistance throughout the country at twelve million. The fighting has forced more than 7.2 million people to seek refuge in other parts of Ukraine. Several regions are at risk of food insecurity. Millions of people face shortages of water, food, medical care and electricity due to attacks on civilian infrastructure.

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