Security situation in Ukraine: FDFA advises against non-urgent travel

Bern, 14.02.2022 - Switzerland is highly concerned by the rising tensions on the Ukrainian border, as well as by the increasing danger of military escalation. It has taken the appropriate security measures and is conducting an ongoing and comprehensive analysis of the situation.

The FDFA has updated its travel advice for Ukraine based on the volatile security situation in the country. It advises against travelling to Ukraine for tourism or any other non-urgent reason. In some regions, the FDFA advises against travel of any kind. The travel advice now also warns that airlines may have to reduce or discontinue flights as a result of the tense situation in the country. Swiss citizens must decide for themselves if they wish to leave Ukraine. There are currently 257 Swiss nationals living in the country.

The Swiss embassy in Kyiv remains open and continues to carry out its diplomatic and consular functions. In particular, it continues to provide its usual range of services and support. During tense periods, it is especially important that Swiss citizens can turn to the embassy and that they assume personal responsibility.
A large number of the embassy staff's accompanying persons have already left Ukraine. As a result of the fragile security situation, it has been decided that all remaining accompanying persons with children must also leave Ukraine.

Switzerland is working at all levels to support de-escalation and welcomes the various forms of dialogue that have taken place in recent weeks. The tensions must be addressed through inclusive dialogue and a solution must be found. Switzerland believes the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the appropriate forum for dealing with European security issues, as all involved parties have a seat at the table.

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