SFUVET Board appoints new professors

Zollikofen, 21.12.2021 - The SFUVET Board has appointed three female and two male professors. SFUVET is Switzerland's expert organisation for vocational education and training. It offers basic and continuing training to VET professionals, conducts VET research, contributes to the development of occupations and supports international cooperation in vocational and professional education and training.

The new professors, active on SFUVET's three regional campuses in Zollikofen near Berne, Lausanne, and Lugano, are the following:

Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Bonoli: Senior Researcher for the research field 'Institutional context of Swiss dual-track VET'. His research covers in particular the VET system in Switzerland and those found in other countries. His latest research project focusses on the federal framework and cantonal differences in the evolution of the Swiss VET system. He is also head of the Master of Science in Vocational Education and Training degree programme.

Prof. Dr. Marina Fiori: Head of the research field 'Learning processes and support'. Her research covers in particular teaching and learning processes and the role of empathy in the relationship between apprentices and trainers. Her latest research explores the 'hypersensitivity' of individuals with high emotional intelligence. Leonard D. Eron Award for Outstanding Scholarly Accomplishment – University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.

Prof. Dr. Christophe Gremion: Researcher and lecturer in occupational didactics, support, evaluation and didactics in work-linked adult training. His latest research project focuses on the impact of support services in the professionalisation of teachers. Professor on the degree programmes for branch course instructors and vocational school teachers. Research associate in the Group for the Evaluation of Professional Practices (gEvaPP).

Prof. Dr. Patrizia Salzmann: Head of the research field 'Experience and lifelong learning'. Her research covers in particular the validation of experience and the recognition of non-formal and informal learning for upper-secondary level VET and tertiary-level professional education. Her latest research focusses on the recognition of prior learning at professional colleges as well as on the digitalisation and transmission of clinical information in nursing.

Prof. Dr. Viviana Sappa: Senior researcher and lecturer. Her work covers in particular integrated apprenticeships, motivation and apprenticeship processes and resilience of professionals working in the field of vocational education and training. She runs and teaches certification programmes for branch course instructors and vocational school teachers. She is also Associated Researcher at the School of Education and Professional Studies der Griffith University in Brisbane.

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