Federal Council adopts dispatch on modification of Host State Act

Bern, 24.11.2021 - The Federal Council has adopted at its meeting of 24 November 2021 a dispatch on a modification of the Host State Act. The purpose of this bill is to take account of the ICRC's particular circumstances with respect to its occupational pension scheme. The bill is in line with the Swiss host state policy pursued by the Federal Council.

At its meeting of 24 November 2021, the Federal Council adopted the dispatch on a modification of the Federal Act of 22 June 2007 on the Privileges, Immunities and Facilities and the Financial Subsidies granted by Switzerland as a Host State (Host State Act, HSA).The bill for a modification of the HSA submitted to Parliament for consultation provides for an occupational pension scheme adapted to the situation and needs of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). It allows ICRC employees who are not insured under the Federal Old Age and Survivors' Insurance to be subject to occupational pension legislation. These special arrangements are warranted given the ICRC's importance and long-standing close ties to Switzerland. The ICRC is the federal government's main partner in the field of humanitarian aid and plays a key role in the protection of victims of armed conflicts and implementation of the Geneva Conventions.

The consultation procedure, which ran from 31 March to 7 July 2021, confirmed that the modification bill enjoys broad support. Numerous stakeholders involved in the consultation praised Switzerland's host state policy and the consideration given to the ICRC's specific needs.

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