Innosuisse approves 15 flagships

Bern, 22.10.2021 - Innosuisse has launched the new Flagship Initiative in 2021. With this funding initiative, the Swiss Innovation Agency aims to give a boost to systemic innovations that are central to current economic and social challenges in Switzerland. In the first call for flagships, Innosuisse approved 15 applications.

In a two-stage procedure, 78 pre-proposals were received by the end of March and 27 applications by mid-August. In October, Innosuisse approved 15 of these flagships with the following thematic orientations.

Under the topic focus “Coping with COVID-19 induced acceleration of digital transformation”:

• two flagships in the area of education, learning and teaching
• one flagship in the area of tourism and the travel industry
• two flagships in the area of real estate and urban planning
• four flagships in the area of healthcare and medical technology

Under the topic focus “Improving the resilience and sustainability and reducing vulnerability of society, infrastructure, and processes”:

• one flagship in the area of supply chains
• five flagships in the area of decarbonisation

In one of the approved flagships, for example, seven Swiss research institutes and more than 20 implementation partners such as companies and non-profit organisations from the transport, mobility and energy sectors will work on a circular economy solution for lithium batteries for vehicles in Switzerland. In another, surgical training in hospitals will evolve in a data-driven way.

With the Flagship Initiative, Innosuisse aims to promote projects that, thanks to their systemic and transdisciplinary approach, enable innovation in thematic areas that are of great importance to the Swiss economy and society. Each flagship consortium consists of at least three research partners and at least two implementation partners, such as SMEs, large companies or other innovative organisations.

The total funding budget for the three to five-year projects amounts to 57.7 million Swiss francs. The consortia will start their work at the end of 2021. Further calls for proposals under the Flagship Initiative are planned.

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