«Cyber Startup Challenge 2021»: Startup company Decentriq convinces jury

Bern, 30.09.2021 - The DDPS Cyber Defence Campus has launched a challenge to find startups and innovative technologies in the cyber area. In the second edition of the challenge, the startup company Decentriq was able to impress the jury with its innovative solution in the area of confidential data exchange.

The startup Decentriq is the finalist in the second «Cyber Startup Challenge» of the DDPS. The company was able to impress the jury at the Cyber Defence Campus Conference with its innovative data sharing and protection platform. Decentriq developed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which provides data clean rooms to companies. Data clean rooms are safe, secure environments where personal data is cleaned and processed so that it can be used for a variety of data analysis purposes.

Share data with trust, anonymization and security

Large organisations have the dilemma of choosing between sharing data and losing control and protection over the data or silo data and miss opportunities to reduce their risk and increase their competitive edge.

Decentriq offers a way to resolve this trade-off by providing data clean rooms for secure and straightforward data collaboration. The platform uses the latest developments in cryptography, confidential data processing and filtering techniques to protect privacy. Multiple parties can collaborate on sensitive private data within data clean rooms and perform any analysis on the merged sensitive data. No parties have direct access to this data, as it is protected by encryption techniques. The participants neither have to trust other members, nor Decentriq or the cloud provider.

For example, the technology enables internal and external stakeholders and critical infrastructure companies to securely share cyber telemetry data and obtain aggregated and anonymous insights. This leads to an improvement in their overall cyber security without compromising on data protection.

Supporting start-ups and innovative technologies

After last year's edition, the Cyber Startup Challenge took place for the second time this year. In July 2021, the Cyber Defence Campus of the DDPS launched the call for innovative solutions around the topic of «Strengthen your Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC)». A total of 38 startups responded to the call and presented their solutions to the jury consisting of cyber experts from the Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) and armasuisse Science and Technology.

The aim of the challenge was to explore the startup technology landscape around Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) for critical infrastructures and to bring innovative technologies to the DDPS.

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