COVID-19: Introduction of "light certificate" with data minimisation

Bern, 30.06.2021 - During its meeting on 30 June 2021, the Federal Council adjusted the ordinance on COVID-19 certificates as a result of the "light certificate" with data minimisation. This will enable the holders of COVID-19 certificates to generate a copy of the certificate without health data from 12 July 2021. The certificate is only available electronically and is recognised solely in Switzerland.

This amendment of the ordinance was prompted by the so-called "light certificate", which now offers the possibility of generating a copy of the certificate with data minimisation in the COVID Certificate app. This copy of the certificate merely shows that a valid certificate exists, but does not contain health data. The data-minimised alternative to the COVID-19 certificate was developed at the request of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC), as third parties could use self-developed apps to view health data such as vaccine or date of vaccination when checking COVID-19 certificates. This is prevented with the "light certificate".

From 12 July 2021, COVID-19 certificate holders will have the option of generating a copy of the certificate without health data. This is recognised as valid proof in Switzerland and can only be issued electronically.

This amendment concerns further provisions of the ordinance, such as the assumption of costs for printing and posting vaccination certificates. The Confederation will cover these costs for fully vaccinated people up to 14 July 2021, after which the cantons can hand over the certificate immediately upon vaccination. If they continue to use the Confederation's central solution for printing and posting, they will be charged for the costs incurred.

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