New offset policy: Strengthening security-relevant industry and public register of offset transactions

Bern, 29.06.2021 - armasuisse’s new offset policy will come into force on 1 July 2021. It regulates the implementation and control of offset transactions in conjunction with the procurement of defence equipment abroad. The adjustments aim to contribute to strengthening the security-relevant technology and industry base (STIB) with regard to security policy challenges in an even more targeted manner. For the purposes of transparency, the most important key figures of offset transactions will be published in an offset register under the new policy.

For procurements in the defence sector, armasuisse binds foreign armaments suppliers to an industrial cooperation with the security-relevant technology and industry base (STIB) from a procurement volume of 20 million Swiss Francs. This aims to reduce the military dependency on foreign countries and to strengthen the resilience and security of supply of the Swiss Armed Forces. In addition, it seeks to promote the maintenance and setup of security-relevant focus technologies as well as industrial core capabilities and capacities in Switzerland.

Armament and security policy orientation

The new offset policy has a clear armament and security policy orientation, in which the promotion of economically sustainable offset transactions in security-relevant technological areas is the main focus. In addition to the financial value, armament and security policy aspects will thus be included in the assessment of offset business on an increasing basis. The key variables are the gain in autonomy and the security relevance of the promoted technology.

In addition, the new offset policy will extend armasuisse’s operative and strategic monitoring tasks. This will enable adherence to the offset specifications to be monitored more carefully and the impact of offset business to be shown in the competences, skills and capacities of the STIB.

Publications in the offset register

The new policy will also strengthen transparency. The most important key figures, such as the degree of fulfilment of obligations and the regional distribution of ongoing procurement projects will be published in the offset register.

In order to enable the most targeted implementation of the new offset policy, armasuisse will ensure an open exchange of information with the STIB, in cooperation with the relevant industry associations. The Offset Office Bern (OBB) will play an important role here. It is the contact point for companies and research institutes with offset queries, provides business contacts if required and supports armasuisse in the monitoring and accounting of offset business.

Address for enquiries

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