«Cyber Start-up Challenge 2020»: Start-up company CounterCraft convinces jury

Bern, 22.01.2021 - The DDPS Cyber Defence Campus has launched a challenge to find start-ups and innovative technologies in the cyber area. In the first edition of the challenge, the start-up company CounterCraft was able to impress the jury with its innovative solution in the area of cyber threat intelligence. The company can now implement a Proof of Concept tailored to the Swiss Armed Forces in 2021.

The start-up CounterCraft is a finalist in the first «Cyber Start-up Challenge» of the DDPS. The company was able to impress the jury at the Cyber Defence Campus Conference with its innovative threat intelligence platform. CounterCraft is a pioneer in the area of cyber deception, in identifying, examining and influencing targeted attacks. Deception technologies aim to entice hackers into specially constructed areas of a network and prevent them from causing damage.

Detecting attackers early on

Using the technologies presented by CounterCraft, cyber attackers can be observed and information on their behaviour and intentions obtained. Large virtual networks are simulated for this purpose, which can be used both in private facilities as well as in the cloud. It is thus possible to identify professional attackers who target specific systems such as critical infrastructures, for example, and to understand their processes.

The start-up CounterCraft can now develop a Proof of Concept for the Swiss Armed Forces in 2021, together with the DDPS Cyber Defence Campus. This should enable the technology to be tested for the specific needs of the Swiss Armed Forces.

Supporting start-ups and innovative technologies

In August 2020, the DDPS’ Cyber Defence Campus launched the call for the Cyber Start-up Challenge on the topic of innovative solutions in the area of cyber threat intelligence. The call was answered by 22 start-ups, who presented their solutions to the jury, composed of cyber experts and the Swiss Armed Forces, together with armasuisse Science and Technology.

The goal of the challenge is to discover the start-up technology landscape in all matters concerning cyber threat intelligence and to bring innovative technologies to the Swiss Armed Forces.

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