Covid-19 vaccination: Federal Councillor Berset meets with European health ministers

Bern, 15.12.2020 - Federal Councillor Alain Berset today took part in a virtual meeting of ministers and held discussions with his European counterparts on the Covid-19 vaccination and the associated vaccination strategies. Close coordination at an international level is especially important in connection with cross-border issues.

At the invitation of the French Minister of Solidarity and Health Olivier VĂ©ran, Federal Councillor Alain Berset today took part in a virtual meeting of ministers on the subject of Covid-19 vaccination strategies. The meeting participants included, among others, the health ministers Roberto Speranza (Italy) and Salvador Illa (Spain) as well as other high-level representatives from Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium.

Topics of discussion included national vaccination strategies, vaccination recommendations, vaccination campaigns, logistical issues and the timing of vaccination activities. Cross-border aspects were also discussed. In this context, Federal Councillor Berset presented the Swiss vaccination strategy and provided information on the current status of the work being carried out in Switzerland.

In a joint final declaration, the health ministers emphasised the importance of cooperation and the mutual sharing of information.

Close cooperation with neighbouring countries and other European partners as well as between the regulatory authorities will be very important in connection with the vaccination strategies. Among other things, it is necessary to find good solutions for cross-border commuters and other cross-border issues. The close communication at an international level will also be continued accordingly in the future.

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