Federal Council sets out next steps for the National Address Service Act

Bern, 11.12.2020 - At its meeting on 11 December, the Federal Council took note of the results of the consultation procedure on the National Address Service Act and decided on the next steps. There is broad support for the establishment of a national address service for administrative purposes. Individual concerns arising from the consultation procedure are expected to be examined with the cantons and communes and taken into consideration in the dispatch.

At present, there is no national service that enables Swiss authorities to search for the place of residence and address of residents across cantonal borders or to update existing address data. The planned Federal Act on the national system for the retrieval of addresses of natural persons (NASA) is intended to lay the foundation for the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) to create a national address service.

The results of the NASA consultation procedure are positive overall. The preliminary draft is supported by a majority. The comments confirm that the planned National Address Service (NAD) meets a need, can help to simplify administrative procedures and enable the authorities to carry out their tasks more efficiently.

On the basis of the results of the consultation procedure, the Federal Council has decided to adapt the preliminary draft selectively and to make the required clarifications for this purpose. The regulation of data sovereignty and the remarks about data protection will be clarified. The consultation possibilities as well as the responsibilities of the cantons and communes and accordingly, the role they play, will undergo an in-depth examination. In addition, it should also be clarified in advance whether and which data sources from the Confederation, cantons or communes can be additionally used to improve the timeliness of the data provided via the service. This will not take place, as originally planned, during further development but before or during commissioning of the NAD.

The Federal Council therefore instructs the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) to carry out the necessary clarifications by mid-2021 and to prepare the dispatch as a next step. This is expected to be adopted by the Federal Council in early 2022.

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