Innosuisse approves twelve NTN – Innovation Boosters

Bern, 27.07.2020 - Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency, will next year expand its funding portfolio with the instrument NTN – Innovation Boosters. These bring together the most important players from science, industry and society in Switzerland in promising fields of innovation and stimulate the testing of jointly developed, concrete innovation ideas in an open innovation culture. In the first call for proposals, 64 applications were received and twelve were approved by Innosuisse.

The applications received cover a wide range of topics, particularly in the areas of health, digitalisation and sustainability. In a first two-stage process, Innosuisse has approved twelve NTN – Innovation Boosters for the funding period 2021-2024 on the following topics:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Applied Circular Economy
  • Blockchain Nation Switzerland
  • Databooster
  • Energy Lab
  • Futur de la Microtechnique
  • Living Labs for Decarbonisation
  • Next Generation of Food Ecosystems
  • Photonics
  • Sport et Activité Physique
  • Technology and Special Needs
  • User-Centred Innovation in Medtech

Innosuisse expects the NTN – Innovation Boosters to generate around 1,000 radical innovation ideas over the next four years, around a third of which should be developed further into concrete solutions.

Sustainable competitive advantages for SMEs

Participation in the activities of NTN – Innovation Boosters is open to all interested Swiss stakeholders. Thanks to the collaboration with partners along the entire value chain and a transfer of knowledge between universities, business and society, the NTN – Innovation Boosters are set to provide Swiss SMEs with sustainable competitive advantages and make a significant contribution to solving societal challenges. Scientific findings should provide important impetus and lead to the introduction of innovative processes, products, services and business models.

The NTN – Innovation Boosters will start their work at the beginning of 2021. Calls for proposals for further NTN – Innovation Boosters will take place annually in November. The next deadline for submissions is end of February 2021. The funding budget over four years is 21.3 million Swiss francs.

Address for enquiries

Lukas Krienbuehl and Eliane Kersten, co-heads of communications
+41 58 481 84 73 / +41 58 464 19 95


Innosuisse – Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency